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SoundCloud SoundCloud is a popular music platform that lets you stream music. Moreover, it also hosts various albums and collections having CC-licensed music. These audio tracks can be streamed and used in your music production. Also be sure to check out its royaly free music section. Read Also:
underground rap torrent

Best Free Sites to Download Creative Commons Music (2019)

SoundCloud SoundCloud is a popular music platform that lets you stream music. Moreover, it also hosts various albums and collections having CC-licensed music. These audio tracks can be streamed and used in your music production.

Underground Rap Torrent

Also be sure to check out its royaly free music section. Read Also: YouTube Audio Library — This is one of the easiest way for you to download background music for your videos given the fact that there are now around tracks available for immediate use in YouTube audio libraries. YouTube users can use the royalty-free instrumental audio tracks both in and outside of YouTube. The digital tool allows for uploads and downloads of songs and sharing is made easy.

SonicsSquirrel — A good source where over 15, tracks are being downloaded daily. SonicsSquirrel is a platform for netlabel music distribution with the aim to promote free music and making the work of its artists available to the public easily.

SoundShiva — Another site to for netlabel music, sortable by genre. Just read the creative common license and download away. SoundShiva relies on community donation to keep going in return for promoting fresh tunes by new artists on one easily accessible platform. It contains many audio files that are licensed under a Creative Commons. The entire site is known as The Internet Archive, a non-profit internet library for everyone to access historical collections in digital format.

In the community audio section you can download all kinds of audio files, ranging from the blues, country, electronic, experimental, hip-hop, indie, jazz, rock and spoken word.

Freesound — Freesound is a collaborative database for Creative Commons Licensed sounds. This database here is filled with sound-effect such as ambient noises, synthesized sounds and sounds produced by musical instruments. Browse, download and share sounds on Freesound; you can also upload your own audio clips to their database after registering for an account on the website.

BeatPick — On BeatPick, you have a music player kind of interface where you can listen to any song on a list. Most of the clips are instrumental, with very little vocal input. The clips also come with descriptions of what it sounds like, which can be useful to match to whatever the theme your clip is. The beats available come in a variety of genres such as rock beats, hip hop beats and even acoustic or electronic beats.

No registration required. The recordings can be downloaded for free because the producer Frank Edward Nora decided to release all the recordings under the Creative Common license: CC0 1. Derek R. Audette — Get music specifically made to be used as background music for films and video productions, performed and recorded by Derek R. Audette here. It is not necessary to obtain his permission so long you give him proper credit please do.

Jimmyg — Jimmy Gelhaar is a prolific music writer who has composed a variety of music styles throughout his career. He is a student of the piano, guitar and percussion instruments.

All the music on his site is composed by him, and you can download and apply his music for your project for free but only for personal use. Incompetech — Incompetech hosts a wide variety of royalty free music. You can browse their selection by genre or feel.

Clips can be played on the website and instantly downloaded as well. Restorm — This is a website mostly used by indie artists who want a platform to sell their music to the public and have their works licensed under their name. You too can do the same, or download some of their free selection of music just by creating an account.

The full songs available on the website can be streamed to help you decide if you want to download it. Some of the artists also have songs in their native language not just English.

Josh Woodward — This work of a single person, this site features more than songs that are free for download, sharing and use. Do give this generous man attribution if you use his clips in your productions. Audionautix — Clips found on Audionautix are released under Creative Commons license 3.

Purple Planet — Purple planet is the creation of two people, Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey, who let you use their music for free. You can use any of their audio clips on online videos so long as you link to their website at the description of the video. Their style of music falls under effects that accompany a horror, dramatic or mysterious scene. Newsgrounds — This large flash games and animation site has been around since In , they collaborate with musicians all over the world leading Audio Portal to growth massive.

You can get almost all kinds of audio genre on their site and they are mostly under common creative license.

Phlow-Magazine — It is a magazine-themed site that collects the finest songs all over the web from netlabels and musicians that release music under creative commons license. They provide a wide range of genres such as techno, hip-hop, house, pop, rock and a lot more. Their latest project is about DaysOfMusic where they release a free MP3 music download each day, for days. Bensound — Bensound is a composer and musician living in France. He has been writing music for a little over 10 years and have had his music featured in many projects before.

His collection of royalty-free music can be downloaded from his site with the request of a credit if it is used for any project. They also produce the music on the site. Their purpose is to provide media creators with quality music, and push Machinimasound to be at the forefront of this industry.

You can download and use their free music for both personal and commercial use as long as you provide credit. DL Sounds — DL Sounds is a site which caters to those who are looking for fresh tunes, loops or samples to be used in projects.

This site has been around since , where even now they are still providing high-quality music and royalty-free music to their customers. PacDV — This is a database of free audio clips organised by mood or emotion such as: Warm, Loving, Serious or Lonely. It has a database of Creative Commons license music for music lovers.

Plenty of awesome sound track albums are available for free download here, like Alexander Saykov, Baumfreun, Stiver and more.

DanoSongs — This is also a one-man wonder site. Public Domain 4U — This website has a wide selection of genres of free music you can download.

The genre leads to another website which houses the album and description of the album. You can download your tracks there without registration. Orphan Songs — This website is created by Carl-Otto Johansson who is a musician who writes and records his own music. He has uploaded his two albums and a few tracks licensed under Creative Commons for public use. Audiofarm — Audiofarm has a wide selection of genres to choose from, uploaded by ordinary people who want to share their music. You can easily download any song you like by clicking the download link — no registration needed.

The full song can even be played while browsing for one that fits your needs. By registering, you can upload music for other people to download. Sonnyboo — To use songs from this website, you have to credit the owner and writer of the songs, Peter John Ross. The song selection he has ranges from Jazz to Techno.

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New York “backpack” rap pioneers Black Moon have reemerged from the underground with their first new song and video in 16 years. Titled “Creep Wit Me ,” the. The following specialized underground search engines let you Torrent networks get a bad rap because of the illegal content you’ll find there. Connect with creators. Download, stream, and play movies, music, TV shows, and more; direct from your favorite artists.

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Beginning with these classic releases, both listeners and critics heaped mounds of praise upon Guru and DJ Premier — the former because of his socially conscious lyrics and no-nonsense stance, the latter because of his DJ-style beat-making and jazzy sound. Torrent Contents. Gang Starr Discography. Gang Starr – Daily Operation.

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r/torrents: But you wouldn’t download a new Director of Talent. Theres a fake esham torrent making the rounds The quickest way to get Hip Hop, Detroit Rap, Horrorcore, Trip hop, Underground Acidrap. The following specialized underground search engines let you Torrent networks get a bad rap because of the illegal content you’ll find there.

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Underground Rap Torrent

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