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ni komplete 10 review

Hands-On Review: Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate

Dec 22, Native Instruments clearly makes the case that more is more. For the price of admission you get access to a world of best-in-class instruments and effects that could keep your creative juices pumping for years.

Ni Komplete 10 Review

Upgrade pricing from older versions is also available. Although each of the three Komplete 11 editions can be downloaded, Select can be delivered on a USB flash drive, while the other two editions are available on a hard drive.

One of the newest pianos is Una Corda, a virtual instrument featuring one string per key and a host of fabric preparations that alter the overall timbre. High Koncept For those of us who primarily play and produce music using a keyboard, Komplete 11 delivers just about every kind of sound we could possibly want or need. Convincing classic EPs, Hammond organ and Clavs? Rich, deeply-sampled acoustic pianos? Double check see Figure 1.

Bleeding-edge, awe-inspiring synthesizers? Triple check see Figure 2. You get the idea. Komplete 11 is divided into four main categories—Engines, Synthesizers, Sampled Instruments, and Effects. Depending on the number of products in each category, there are logical subcategories such as Drum and Percussion, World Instruments and Cinematic within Sampled Instruments, for example.

The four freely-assignable macros along the bottom Spectrum, Sound, Motion, FX add to the real-time tweakability. Form is a hybrid synthesizer that offers a fresh take on synthesis: It loads single samples as raw oscillators, then lets you scrub and move through user-defined sections within the sample while processing it using a range of DSP techniques.

But unlike a granular synth, Form has no parameter for grain control. In addition, you can create multiple curves and apply them to different segments of the sample, loop the curves, and flip their direction, among other things, to produce complex results: Once I started digging into the Curve Editor I was hooked.

The possibilities are endless. I found this worked nicely to compensate for audio that was too thin in certain frequency ranges. As with the other Reaktor-based synths, Form can be delicate, atmospheric, raw, rude, and everything in between. To my ears and eyes, the newer Reaktor-based synths tend to have similar characteristics: Graphically, many of these synths have a spacious, high-tech look that invites exploration and makes them a joy to program.

Ultimately, however, the collective synthesis capability in Komplete 11 Ultimate is staggering. You can drag libraries to change their order, but if you have more than a handful of collections, as many users do especially Komplete 11 Ultimate owners , it can be tedious and time-consuming to organize your content. I also wish that it handled effects more flexibly. I run into this workflow challenge frequently when using third-party instruments, most of which have custom interfaces that provide varying numbers and kinds of effects.

From cinematic sound-design and driving percussion to otherworldly textures and expertly recorded acoustic instruments of all types, the sample content in this bundle is second to none. Woodwinds and brass are presented in solo and ensemble configurations, while strings are presented in sections only—violin 1 and 2, viola, cello and bass. All of the titles were produced in partnership with heavyweight third-party developers known for their top-flight orchestral titles, and this expertise is evident in the quality of the samples and programmability of the Essentials instruments.

These are wonderfully dynamic and expressive instruments that I would happily put head-to-head with my other symphonic collections. Still, considering that some third-party orchestral collections can cost as much as Komplete 11 Ultimate, the combination of Symphony Essentials and its orchestral siblings Emotive Strings, Action Strings and Session Strings Pro represents serious value and collectively covers a wide range of scoring needs with aplomb.

The bang-for-buck factor is undeniable, and so is the quality and breadth of the instruments and their presets.

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Our Komplete 10 review looks at the latest all-encompassing software solution from Native Instruments. It’s pretty incredible. Komplete Ultimate Products are top of the line! I’m thankful that Amazon mirrored the 50% off price break that Native Instruments was giving at the time. Komplete 10 and Komplete Ultimate 10 are Native Instruments aptly named kollection of sounds, instruments, synths, and effects.

Review: Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate

The last of the three new synths, Polyplex Polyplex Native Instruments’ Komplete moves to version 10, incorporating new instruments in a range of categories There’s an awful lot to like about Native Instruments’ product range. If you’re a synth fan, you’ll be aware of Massive and the extraordinary impact it has had on Dance music in the past few years. You’ll probably admire Absynth 5 and the FM8 too, whilst Reaktor’s own libraries of instruments now extend to high-profile titles including Razor and Monark.

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S reviewed

Dec 22, Native Instruments clearly makes the case that more is more. For the price of admission you get access to a world of best-in-class instruments and effects that could keep your creative juices pumping for years.

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Native Instruments Komplete reaches version 10 and has has some tasty new additions in the instrument and effect department. Hollin Jones. Tried googling “komplete 10 vs komplete 10 ultimate” also searched on youtube but haven’t found any comparison reviews. Wanted to buy. Instead, I’ll focus on the new additions and updates in Komplete 11 Ultimate, and refer you to our review of Komplete 10 at

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Ni Komplete 10 Review

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